Juried Shows

2017, October - Prescott Valley Art Guild's "Fall for the Arts" - "Tropical Punch" (watercolor) and "The Sun's in my Eyes" (watercolor) both accepted

2017, October - Prescott Area Artists Studio Tour

2017, July - "Black & White" exhibit - Prescott Valley Public Library

2015, October - Prescott Area Artists Studio Tour

2014, September - 2nd Place - Mixed Media - Yavapai County Fair - "Phoenix Rising"

2014, September - 3rd Place - Mixed Media - Yavapai County Fair - "Her Metaphorical Metamorphosis"

2014, January - Inaugural Public Art Display - Prescott Valley Public Library

2013, September - 2nd Place - Mixed Media - Yavapai County Fair - "19"

2012, August - 3rd Place - Watercolors - Yavapai County Fair - "Pineapple Punch"

2011, February - 2nd Place - Watercolors - Huntington Beach Art League - "Vanishing Breed" - juror William Wray

2010, December - Honorable Mention - Watercolors - Huntington Beach Art League - "Poinsettias" - juror Peggi Kroll-Roberts

2010, November - 2nd Place - Watercolors - Huntington Beach Art League - "Vanishing Breed" - juror Gerald Brommer

2010, November - 2nd Place - Mixed Media - Huntington Beach Art League - "Phoenix Rising" - juror Gerald Brommer

2010, May - Huntington Beach Art League Spring Open

2010, April - 3rd Place, Huntington Beach Art League - "Pretty in Pink" - juror Timothy J. Clark

2009 - Honorable Mention - Watercolor Artist Magazine, Creativity Challenge for "Birds of Play"

2008 - CCP Videos Winter Treasures Art Show for "Pretty in Pink"

2007 - CCP Videos Winter Still Life Art Show for "Window Dressing"

2006 - CCP Videos Summer Art Show for "Bench at Park Guell, Barcelona"

2005-2006 - Chrysler Artists at Work - 3 paintings were juried into the show. "Intimate", "Clarity" and " Betsy". The paintings were exhibited at Bally's Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada and Chrysler Headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

2005 - CCP Videos Summer Florals Art Show for "by any other name"

2004-2005 - Chrysler Artists at Work - My painting "Window Dressing" was on loan to Chrysler Corporation for a period of 18 months, and was included in an exhibit in Las Vegas, Nevada.

December 2004 - Honorable Mention, Huntington Beach Art League - Chrysler Imperial

November 2004 - First Place, Huntington Beach Art League - Spike Flower

October 2004 - Honorable Mention, Huntington Beach Art League - Carbonetti Class

2003-2004 - Chrysler Artists at Work - traveling exhibit for 18 months. The painting, "by any other name" was purchased by Chrysler Corporation in June 2005.

"by any other name"

30" x 22" watercolor on paper

​Collection - Chrysler Corporation

This painting was purchased by Chrysler Corporation in 2005. After it was installed at their World Headquarters, one of the employees at Chrysler sent me a lovely note to let me know that he visits my painting every day during his lunch hour. What a high compliment - and the goal of every artist!

A little about yours truly, the artist...

What can I say? It's not easy to talk about yourself is it? But really, this is about me AND you, and how you connect with my paintings. So, here's a little peek at me...

I've always been a creative soul, and I LOVE color! I don't even have a favorite color, although I have a lot of orange, (my kitchen is orange) purple and turquoise in my wardrobe. For a long time I was into fiber art - quilting, teddy bears, pillows, wall hangings, etc.

Then, I tried watercolor - swoooooosh! I was in love! Watching all that luscious color move and mingle on the paper is truly magical! I painted every chance I had when I wasn't working at my "real" job. I entered shows - and got accepted. It's exhilarating, and even more so when someone connects enough with your work that they must have it. Your vision becomes a part of their life too.

I have expanded my arsenal of tools to include not only pure transparent watercolor on paper, but also acrylic and mixed media on canvas and board. My mixed media paintings are so rich with texture that you want to touch them - and I encourage that!

I am mostly self-taught, but I have been fortunate to take workshops with noted artists Jeanne Carbonetti, Betsy Dillard Stroud, Cheng Khee Chee, Nicholas Simmons (RIP my friend), Bob Burridge, John Trees, Catherine Anderson, Robbie Laird and Ning Yeh. I also have taken online workshops with Flora Bowley, Chris Cozen, Carol Nelson and a few other artists I admire. I believe that you can never stop learning, and I love to try different techniques and explore with color and texture. Sometimes, that "what if" experiment turns into something beautiful, and it's always a lesson learned.

My husband & I make our home in a small town in northern Arizona. We moved here after living in southern California for nearly 30 years. We are just 2 hours from the Grand Canyon, only an hour from Sedona, and going back 'home' to see family is just a 7-hour drive away. We really have the best of both worlds here. Our children are grown and have children of their own; we have two cats that we rescued who keep me company in the studio. Gypsy (a calico) and Turbo (a tuxedo) are currently the inspiration for a whimsical painting on the easel.

Update: We now have a third kitty we rescued in January. Cheddar (of course he's a ginger) was abandoned in our neighborhood, and we just couldn't leave him out in the snow! After a few tumultuous months, he's now a great fit - Turbo & Gypsy have accepted him, and all is well. That painting is being revised... <big Cheshire Cat grin>

Stay tuned....

Where the magic happens!

​HeARTSpirit Studio & Studio 401 - mixed media artwork of Mary Lou Arnold

Yours truly - (Yes, that's purple in my hair)  ;-)