‚ÄčHeARTSpirit Studio & Studio 401 - mixed media artwork of Mary Lou Arnold

Here's where you'll find my favorite supplies, and other cool stuff 

Elastomeric Custom Patch - use this instead of molding paste at half the cost! Custom Patch, Flex'n Fill, Crack Shot, Stucco Patch - all of these can be found at Home Depot paint department near the spackling compounds.

Home Depot has 1/4 inch MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) available in 2'x4' sheets that they will cut for you at no charge.

Nova Color paint is at the top of my list for highly pigmented and affordable soft body acrylic paint. They also have wonderful mediums at a super affordable price. They sell direct to the artist, no middleman markups!

Golden - another one at the top of the list, especially for their highly pigmented fluid acrylics. They also have specialty mediums that I use that aren't available elsewhere.

Liquitex - I use their pouring medium - it's really the best in the breed. I buy it on Amazon for the best price!

Masterpiece Canvas is my favorite - they are wonderfully made. Not inexpensive, but so worth the price. My favorite supplier for these canvas is Art Supply Warehouse in Westminster, California. Boy do I miss living so close to this art store! (but my pocketbook thanks me)