I bet that got your attention?!? Hydrodynamic Instability? What's that?? Well, I wondered too, and in terms I can understand, it's the properties of different paints and pigments that allow them to mingle or separate to create a pleasing pattern. Simply put, it's pouring fluid paint and pigments on a horizontal surface to create really cool paintings!

"Painters often acquire a deep empirical knowledge of the way in which paints and inks behave. Through experimentation and practice, they can control the way in which fluids move and deform to create textures and images. By pouring layers of paint of different colors on a horizontal surface, the paints infiltrate into each other creating patterns of aesthetic value."

I've just recently started to use the technique of "fluid art" and you will find those for sale here on this page. Currently I have several that are waiting to cure and will be varnishing or adding a coat of resin. I'll keep updating this page as they are ready, so please check back! 

‚ÄčHeARTSpirit Studio & Studio 401 - mixed media artwork of Mary Lou Arnold